Guidance International
Pre School - Bokundara
In keeping with
modern technology.
We are all special
in our own way.
Thinking about
challenges of the future.
Children learn from
everything that they do.
Play, learn and grow


Guidance Pre-school Bokundara having completed eight successive years as a reputed pre-school has a student count of over 260 children and staffed with highly qualified teachers.

Our approach to education goes beyond academics and it’s designed to cultivate a lifelong love for learning, responsibility and respect for living things including the environment.

Our carefully planned curriculum which follows the teaching methods of Dr. Maria Montessori and Jean Piajet provides a safe and nurturing environment which creates a house for children in a meaningful manner and enhances the harmonious growth and learning process of children.

While in our care children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities which will promote all aspects of development. The variety of modern equipment and technology which has been carefully selected and teaching techniques which is based on child centered education lays a firm foundation while providing an outlet for the boundless energy of childhood and facilitates the development of creative thinkers, problem solvers, self confident and independent beings who will grow up to be loving, caring and productive global citizens.

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